Congress Programme

The congress programme consists of four parts, which will take place consecutively on both days: Demand & Emergence, Acceptance & Adaptation, Law & Regulation, Projects & Perspectives. Listen to more than 20 national and international speakers.

Leitner Seilbahn schwebt über den Bahnhof Voss in Norwegen

Part I | 06/21/2022

Need & Approach

Urban mobility is already multidimensional today. The challenges that lie ahead are just as diverse. The consequences of the pandemic, and even more so the increasing climate changes, place special demands on the new urban mobility. The necessary steps must now be taken. 

Einstieg des geplanten Ropetaxis vom schweizer Seilbahnhersteller Bartholet

Part II | 06/21/2022

Acceptance & Adaptation


Almost all types of infrastructure projects generate a high demand for suitable forms of acceptance. Public transport in particular must have a high degree of social benefit. New technical approaches or approaches in architecture and urban planning can also contribute to this.  


Part III | 06/22/2022

Law & Regulation


Particular hurdles in the implementation of urban cable cars can lie in legal requirements or ambiguities. In the recent past, many regulatory adjustments have already been made to facilitate project planning. Nevertheless, many legal questions still need to be answered.  

Plan einer urbanen Seilbahn in Cottbus

Part IV | 06/22/2022

Projects & Perspectives


Many project ideas exist not only in neighboring European countries, but also in Germany. Some are already well advanced, others are still at the beginning. What they all have in common is that they occupy a special place in social discourse and could represent great added value in the future.