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With the Cable Car World in 2022, an exclusive forum for the means of transport of the urban cable car was offered for the first time. The next Cable Car World is planned for June 04 and 05, 2024. Venue is the Messe Essen in the center of the Ruhr Metropolis, the largest urban conurbation in Germany.

The starting point is the numerous projects worldwide to use urban cable cars in public transport. While traffic on the terrestrial level is stagnant, the global focus is increasingly on the plus one level. Cable cars, in particular, operate there, which are considered one of the safest means of transport and have been in reliable use at many locations for decades.

Despite the many advantages of a short construction time or positive environmental balance and the worldwide use of ropeways in urban areas, they are still a novelty as a component of public transport in Germany. A lack of know-how, legal ambiguities or difficulties in gaining acceptance have so far been seen as obstacles to implementation. Yet it is above all the simple overcoming of the zero level that promises new connections and relations in the urban context as well as new possibilities for the use of space.

It is now time to bring together the various players from science, business, planning, urban society, administration and politics to discuss how opportunities can be seized and obstacles overcome in the implementation of urban cable cars. At Cable Car World, all those interested in this topic will be offered the opportunity to inform themselves about the possibilities and perspectives of this urban means of transport and to exchange ideas.


On the one hand, the Cable Car Congress with lectures and panels by experts from science and practice will serve this purpose. On the other hand, exhibition areas for manufacturers, the supplier industry, cities and regions will provide space for profitable knowledge transfer and the presentation of their own projects and products.

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