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The two initiators of Cable Car World are united by their passion for new urban mobility. They look at urban mobility from different disciplines. Their interdisciplinary orientation correlates with their extensive network, which they would like to use for Cable Car World in a targeted manner.

Gerald Pichlmair

My motivation

The megatrends of urbanisation and sustainability require a climate-protecting, social and multimodal change in transport. The urban ropeway can make a significant contribution to this. It bridges, extends, relieves, closes gaps or creates new transport routes. With Cable Car World, I want to contribute to making our cities more liveable, cleaner and more environmentally friendly.


My way

I see Cable Car World as an opportunity to network the decisive stakeholders, to bring the urban cable car into the conversation and to forge an alliance that strongly represents this promising transport technology in the public discourse. The future hangs on the rope, it has to get into people's heads!


My background

As the publisher of a specialist medium for alpine tourism, I know what ropeways have been achieving for decades. As the publisher of an urban ropeway magazine, I know the potential that comes from the "third dimension" of mobility. As a passionate networker, I am convinced that we can only change our mobility positively together.

Dominik Berndt

My motivation

Our traffic is characterised by capacity bottlenecks and environmental pollution. We should create offers to fulfil our mobility needs in a more compatible way and consider all possibilities for this. My focus here is on the untapped potential of established means of transport with unique characteristics.


My way

Through initiatives like Cable Car World, I try to make a contribution that makes our mobility more attractive, more compatible and more sustainable. This requires good ideas, visionary approaches, comprehensive communication and, in the end, above all, courage and determination in the implementation.


My background

As a representative of a generation that in the coming decades will have to deal more and more intensively with challenges such as the traffic turnaround or climate change, I see the need for action. As an urban planner, I have recognised the opportunities and possibilities of urban ropeways. As a sensitive networker, I try to bring together the right actors to work together on the tasks of our time. 

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