Science Wall

Scientific research makes an important contribution to the further development of urban cable cars. At Cable Car World, universities involved in urban cable cars will be given space to present their own projects and research. With the Science Wall, the participating universities will have the opportunity to present the results of their own scientific work with posters. In this way, they can enter into an exchange with the professional visitors. The eleven participating universities represent different subject areas and come from Germany and Austria. These universities are shown on the map:

Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) | University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf (HSD) Technical University Cologne | RWTH Aachen University | University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt | University of Stuttgart | Technical University Munich | East Bavarian Technical University Regensburg | Technical University Ingolstadt | Technical University Vienna | Technical University Graz

You represent a university, deal with urban cable cars and would also like to participate in the Science Wall? Then write to us here.

Science Wall_2_EN.png