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Terms of Service

Cable Car World GmbH

§ 1 Freedom of design, order

(1) Cable Car World GmbH has freedom of design when creating its works, insofar as no specific specifications are given to it by the customer.

(2) The client will provide Cable Car World GmbH with the information and documents required to carry out the contractual services free of charge in good time. Facts and data that are useful for the execution of the contract will be communicated without being asked. The customer is responsible for ensuring that his information is correct and complete.

(3) Cable Car World GmbH is only obliged to check the correctness and completeness of the documents and information made available to Cable Car World GmbH if this has been agreed in writing. Cable Car World assumes liability for this inspection GmbH only if this is contractually specified.

(4) In any case, the schedules set up by Cable Car World GmbH only contain approximate values. An agreed execution period begins only after submission of the documents to be provided by the customer in accordance with Section 2. It is complied with if the design service has been rendered by the time it expires. The execution period is extended appropriately in the event of labor disputes such as strikes and lockouts and the occurrence of unforeseen events that are beyond the control of Cable Car World GmbH, regardless of whether they occur at Cable Car World GmbH, a subcontractor or an expert, insofar as such events affect the completion significantly affect the delivery of the service. polis Convention GmbH is also not responsible for the aforementioned circumstances if they arise during an already existing delay. The beginning and end of such events will be Cable Car World GmbH to the client as soon as possible.

§ 2 Right of use

(1) Cable Car World GmbH has sole exploitation rights to its drafts. You transfer the right to use these drafts only to the extent that was granted in writing in the contract and insofar as it is determined below. If the contract does not provide otherwise, Cable Car World transfers GmbH only a simple right of use.

(2) The customer only acquires a use of drafts from Cable Car World GmbH, which he realizes.

(3) Uses that go beyond the agreed scope of use require the consent of Cable Car World GmbH.

(4) The transfer of granted rights of use to third parties requires the consent of Cable Car World GmbH.

(5) You retain the right to have work results that are related to the order protected in your name. The Cable Car World GmbH has the right to use inventions that it has made in connection with the order within the scope of other orders and for other clients.

(6) The customer's right to use the services expires if the invoiced fee has not been paid by Cable Car World GmbH one month after the due date and Cable Car World GmbH has given the customer a reasonable deadline for payment with the declaration that the right of use will cease to exist after the deadline has expired. The right to use the service also expires if the service has not yet been paid for and the client has stopped making payments, in particular if bankruptcy or financial collapse occurs or if his assets are subject to foreclosure. Any transferred exclusive right of use of the client expires even after payment has been made if the client falls into bankruptcy and the right of use is not transferred by the bankruptcy trustee until the end of the bankruptcy. It then turns into a simple right of use.

(7) The Cable Car World GmbH does not grant its client any right of use to design studies to be created by it without an express agreement. These only serve to develop solutions and prepare the decision-making process for selecting the design.

(8) The Cable Car World GmbH has a right to information about the scope of the client's use.

§ 3 Special copyrights

(1) The Cable Car World GmbH has the right to be named as the author.

(2) Any change to the Cable Car World GmbH requires your consent.

§ 4 Fee

(1) Unless otherwise agreed, the fees agreed in the contract are net amounts to be paid plus the statutory value added tax.

(2) Suggestions and instructions from the client do not establish any joint copyright and have no influence on the fee. (3) The creation of drafts is subject to payment unless another arrangement has been expressly made. The modification of drafts, the creation of further drafts and other additional services will be charged separately. Unless otherwise specified, the calculation shall be based on the standards set by the main order.

(4) Cable Car World GmbH is entitled to reimbursement of all expenses that it reasonably incurred in processing the order. A travel activity of Cable Car World GmbH and the award of external services must be agreed with the customer beforehand. Cable Car World places external orders GmbH on behalf of the client. In the event of a trip, polis Convention GmbH is entitled to the usual travel expenses in addition to the travel expenses.

(5) The fees are due upon delivery of the work and receipt of the invoice and are payable without deduction, unless otherwise specified. When parts of work are delivered, the partial fee is due upon delivery and corresponding invoicing. The designer is entitled to demand advance payments according to the workload. Expenses and costs are due upon receipt of an invoice prepared for this.

(6) The customer may only offset undisputed or legally established claims. The customer is only entitled to a right of retention if it is based on the same contractual relationship.

(7) In the event of a delay in payment, Cable Car World GmbH demand default interest of 4% above the respective discount rate of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

§ 5 Originals and models, specimen copies

(1) Only rights of use are granted for the work of Cable Car World GmbH, ownership rights are not transferred. The originals are undamaged to Cable Car World after a reasonable period of time GmbH, unless expressly agreed otherwise. The return is at the expense and risk of the customer.

(2) The Cable Car World GmbH is entitled to free copies of the items that were produced with the help of your design and a free copy, provided the latter is not associated with disproportionately high costs.

(3) Cable Car World GmbH is entitled to receive 10 copies of an advertising material that it has produced for the customer. The Cable Car World GmbH may publish photos of the products and advertising material created on the basis of their suggestions, ideas or designs and use them for their own advertising.

§ 6 Liability for Damages

(1) Cable Car World GmbH is not liable for damage caused by its design or the construction proposed by it. The client is obliged to independently check the work created by Cable Car World GmbH for its functionality and feasibility. Exploiting the work of Cable Car World GmbH is at the client's own risk.

(2) The works created by Cable Car World GmbH are personal intellectual creations. The Cable Car World GmbH is not liable for its novelty.

(3) Any liability of Cable Car World GmbH for itself and its vicarious agents is limited to grossly negligent and intentional acts. Liability for damage caused by simple vicarious agents and vicarious agents only exists in the event of intent.

§ 7 Other Provisions

(1) In addition, the provisions of the Copyright Act apply, even if Cable Car World GmbH does not have the necessary level of creation.

(2) The place of performance for both parties is Essen (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany).

(3) Should one or more of the above provisions be ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. The ineffective provision will be replaced by an effective one that comes closest to the regulation of the ineffective provision.

(4) The place of jurisdiction is Essen (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) if the client is a registered trader. The Cable Car World GmbH is also entitled to sue at the customer's registered office.

§ 8 Tickets

(1) Cable Car World tickets  are excluded from return and exchange. Tickets that are destroyed or lost by the customer will not be replaced or refunded. A right to the return of the tickets and reimbursement of the purchase price only exists if the trade fair is cancelled.

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